Updates zu Motive und zum Markt


The new ecommerce of MOTIVE

Here it is the gift that we promised you last year in Linkedin for a better start of the new year: LESS WORK and BETTER WORK in 2022


The new ecommerce https://shop.motive.it/   is safer, faster, more user-friendly, more complete. You can monitor the status of each ordered item. It gives you the orders confirmations, the packing lists, the invoices. It permits you to search in better way and more products. Examples:

  • You can now pay online with Paypal, Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • You can see your online orders also before being confirmed.
  • You can see the status "in progress", "manufactured", "ready for shipment", "shipped" of each item, with any related document
  • The website now sends some automatic e-mails to keep you updated on your order process:
    • "Order in progress" with link to order confirmation (we’ll anyway go on sending them also like we are doing now).
    • "Goods ready" with packing list link.
    • "Shipment ready" with invoice link.
    • "Shipment done" with tracking number
  • You can now see your Packing lists and invoices directly in your profile area.
  • Now the website is completely responsive and can be used on any kind of device.
  • You can now order Spare Parts for your products from a new dedicated catalogue.
  • You can now create multiple users (inside the same company) that can access the Shop and manage them by assigning them specific roles.
  • You can now enable two factor authentication on your account for higher security.
  • You can now link your Google or Facebook account to your Motive account, so that it will be faster to Log in the next time.
  • The configurator is incorporated
  • More user friendly interface and use; you can follow your orders’ status in a simple way.
  • The website free search now allows to search also for description and not just by the product code.
  • Name your configurations and your orders.  You can now give a name to a saved configuration according to your technical needs or to an order according to your ERP ref. or preferences.
  • You can also repeat the orders of the past without repeating the products selection.

 We did not change your ID and PW. If you find any problem, remember to clean the cookies.

As we used to say also with the configurator: "just play and learn". It’s easy and we do not need to teach you anything. However, we are at your disposal.