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Fermai is born

From the meeting of the latest generation universal sensors (= DOCTOR 4.0 by Motive ;-) and the geniuses of Artificial Intelligence (= VEDRAI), FERMAI is born

Bringing AI and predictive maintenance solutions to the Italian manufacturing sector: with this goal, Fermai was born, the new company founded by Vedrai, the group led by 26-year-old Michele Grazioli and specialized in the development of platforms based on artificial intelligence aimed at SMEs, together to partner Motive, an Italian manufacturer of industrial electric motors, gearboxes, electronic speed variators.

Fermai has developed a predictive maintenance solution that allows you to constantly monitor production, processes and machinery. The goal is to prevent sudden malfunctions, breakdowns or irreversible situations and thus reduce management costs, increase plant efficiency and avoid accidents.

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How Fermai works

With Fermai's solution, the "Doctor 4.0" universal sensor developed by Motive allows you to read countless values of the monitored machinery and send them to the SaaS platform: therefore, thanks to Vedrai's Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it is possible to process, read and return all the data collected through a personalized dashboard.

Designed in particular for companies in the manufacturing but also in the logistics sector, the integration of these technologies ensures a stand-alone solution that allows the technology to be standardized and allows its application to any machinery, capable not only of autonomously collecting all the data. (for example temperature, vibrations, magnetic flux, noise, pressure) but also to self-learn normal or abnormal values.

The system, based on the data collected, autonomously elaborates advanced predictive models that will allow to optimize the maintenance strategy. The model allows you to prevent a specific failure, identify the urgency of an intervention and monitor any problems in real time. "The more data is acquired, the more the algorithms can learn about the history and conditions of the machines, continuously improving the maintenance methodologies", explains Michele Grazioli, president of Vedrai SpA. "With Fermai we demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence can support any type of SMEs, even in an area considered more traditional such as manufacturing. In particular, it can be decisive for predictive maintenance, as it allows you to understand in advance when to repair or replace components or machinery, intervening in time and thus avoiding harmful and costly production stoppages ".

Giuseppe Corsini, founder of Motive and new managing director of Fermai, is also satisfied. “We are proud to put our technology at the service of this project and to collaborate with Vedrai to create an innovative product that offers new growth scenarios for the manufacturing sector. Data collection is critical in the profitable application of these new technologies, and it is in this area that our experience can play a fundamental role ".