updates about motive and the market


EAC-Ex + UA-Ex = MOTIVE ATEX motors and gearboxes

DELPHI-Ex three-phase ATEX motors and STON-Ex, ROBUS-Ex, ENDURO-Ex, BOX-Ex, STADIO-Ex ATEX gearboxes also certified in Ukraine, and in the EAC Countries

It should be good news not only for those countries, but also for all manufacturers who export to those countries


To know more, click on:

motors: https://www.motive.it/en/p-6-atex-motors.html

gearboxes: https://www.motive.it/en/p-20-riduttori-atex.html

To download EAC-Ex motors certificate, click here: https://www.motive.it/upload/documenti/manuali/Certificazione_Delphi_Ex-EAC-2021.PDF

To download EAC-Ex gearboxes certificate, click here: https://www.motive.it/upload/documenti/manuali/ATEX-GearboxesCertification-EAC-Ex-2021.pdf

To download UA-Ex motors certificate, click here: https://www.motive.it/upload/documenti/manuali/Certificazione_Delphi_Ex-Ukraine-2021.pdf

To download UA-Ex gearboxes certificate, click here: https://www.motive.it/upload/documenti/manuali/ATEX-GearboxesCertification-Ukraine-2021.pdf