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Settima unveils Motive, and Motive unveils Settima

Leading the energy transition, together


Death to class H. Long live DELFIRE

An H class motor is not a DELFIRE. An H class is not a real solution to high ambient temperatures



The new ecommerce of MOTIVE

Here it is the gift that we promised you last year in Linkedin for a better start of the new year: LESS WORK and BETTER WORK in 2022


ATEX Cat. 2 certification for Motive motors Forced Ventilation systems

Thus keeping Cat. 2 ATEX safety also for Power Cooled ATEX motors


Fermai is born


EAC-Ex + UA-Ex = MOTIVE ATEX motors and gearboxes

DELPHI-Ex three-phase ATEX motors and STON-Ex, ROBUS-Ex, ENDURO-Ex, BOX-Ex, STADIO-Ex ATEX gearboxes have also been certified in Ukraine, and "EAC-Ex" in the Eurasian countries Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan

It should be good news not only for those countries, but also for all manufacturers who export to those countries



It was already the best inline helical gearbox of our field, inside and outside, but we have revamped it anyway, because exceling and surprising are among our motive-ations. We could say that it’s like a new ROBUS


Motive seriousness has been certified “AEO”

After a long process of checks and audits, facilitated by a peculiar organization refined over 20 years of continuous improvements, we have obtained a certification that few can boast of: the AEO authorization, issued by the Customs Authority.


Not only its products, but also Motive itself is ATEX

Motive Quality System has been "ATEX certified"



DELPHI-Ex motors, double certified

We just got a further ATEX certification, by TÜV




There are still many Countries where the best can become a Motive Assembly Center "MOTIVE LAB"



NANO-OLEO and NEO-OLEO control the oil pressure and the flow rate of hydraulic power packs, thus adjusting automatically the motor speed and the consumed power, according to the work load


revamped 11-90 kW motors

Motive three phase motors from size 160 up to size 355 are made in cast-iron and have all those main features of the Delphi series, among which standardized dimensions according to International standards (IEC 72-1) multiple voltage and multi-frequency 50/60Hz



NANO is for single phase 1PH supply, three phase 3PH motors. This permits NANO to add to the well-known power saving of variable speed drives, the possibility to replace the single phase motors (technically losing lot of power) with the higher efficency IE2 and IE3 three phase motors.


configure what you need with this automatic consultant, then get CAD files and datasheets

This configurator allows you to model Motive products, combine them as you wish, and finally download 2D / 3D CAD files and a technical sheet in PDF format.

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