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Forced ventilation UKEX certified

Is the Ex motor safety also certified for use with inverters? If so (and for MOTIVE motors it is) then perhaps it may need to be power ventilated. And if it has to be power-ventilated, how do you go about the Ex safety of power-ventilation? You need to certify that too!
And so, we had designed a special range of Ex forced ventilation whose safety had been ATEX certified by TUV.
Then the "UKEX" problem arose: the UK applied to comply with national BS standards, and to obtain local certification.
And so, the Ex safety of MOTIVE ATEX power ventilation units has now also been certified "UKEX" in the United Kingdom.
As with MOTIVE's Ex electric motors and Ex mechanical gearboxes, MOTIVE's Ex servo-ventilation units in a single range, in a single certificate, cover both explosive Gases and Dusts, both category 2 and 3, all zones (1, 2, 21 and 22), and every possible group of gases and dusts (A, B, and C).