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Not only its products, but also Motive itself is ATEX

ISO/IEC 80079-34

If you design and manufacture ATEX products, the requirements of a normal ISO9001 Quality System are not sufficient for your organization. You must satisfy also another standard that takes its cue from ISO9001 to add much more, the ISO/IEC 80079-34 "Explosive atmospheres - Part 34: Application of quality systems for Ex product manufacture". It is on the basis of this norm that an accredited certification body (such as the TÜV in our case) must verify whether the manufacturer's quality assurance system complies with Annex VII of the ATEX Directive.

Receiving an ATEX certified product, in fact, does not in itself mean that the manufacturer's organization has done everything to always ensure product and service compliance, even in after-sales. Just to give an example, from a serial number of an Ex motor the manufacturer should be able to trace the batch of each component that is critical for Ex safety (like winding, terminal block, castings of shields, housing, and terminal box, etc.) and, then, the chemical composition of the aluminum or cast iron castings with which they were made, the mechanical properties of the batch of the terminal block, and so on. Serial number by serial number. Lot by lot. It is a commitment that Motive has managed to standardize on all its products, ATEX and not, through the digitization of all internal processes, and which also adds value to standard products. A guarantee, therefore, that goes well beyond the ISO9001 that Motive already boasted since it was born in 2000, and which demonstrates the excellence of a company set up to give certainty and serenity to the customer.