updates about motive and the market



There are still many Countries where the best can become a Motive Assembly Center

If you are skilled and ambitious, there is still a place in many Countries for becoming a Motive Lab” assembly centre

  • Stock is lower in value compared to finished gearboxes
  • Flexibility on customer gearbox requests
  • Fast local deliveries
  • After sales support in case of gearbox failure
  • Better pre-sale technical support
  • Higher customer confidence
  • The corporate spirit is transmitted to customers.


If you are clever, you should prefer to be a Motive Lab rather than a traditional assembly centre. In fact,

  • Only one stock of motors. Not to be added a stock of special motors for compact gearboxes
  • The value of the stock of the disassembled parts is much less in value than a stock of pre-assembled kits (which is closer to the stock value that it would have a finished gearboxes stock)
  • The max power is higher when you don’t have a “kit”, because you can distribute the mechanical effort to all the gears more equally then by the “kit” simplification
  • The final client prefers NON-compact gear-motors, since when the gearbox or the motor fail, they need to replace only the motor or only the gearbox
  • Motive gears are assembled onto the shaft by key system and not interference, thus permitting to assemble, disassemble, re-assemble them
  • Transfer of Motive know how in your company digitalization will increase your company’s value
  • Motive IT system connection for a continuous easy update in the bills of material and the correct management of the components in your stock
  • Potentially, motive digital processes from sales to delivery are adoptable
  • Your final test reports will be automatically saved in motive web-site

If now you are also curious, write to gbosio@motive.it