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On July 11, 2023, someone graduated with a thesis on Artificial Intelligence, IIoT and FERMAI+MOTIVE

When you decide to do a thesis, you have to find a new topic.

Valentina Bosio, now “Dottoressa Valentina Bosio”, found FERMAI+MOTIVE and, in doing so, FERMAI+MOTIVE found in Valentina a valid researcher. She graduated in economics (yes, because predictive maintenance is both savings and a source of revenue), and thanks to her we were able to explore our position in the market, and understand what there was to learn.

In this thesis, to discover and describe how and why DOCTOR 4.0 was true innovation, Valentina has tried to photograph the state of the art of the sector in the world by surfing both on the web and in international fairs, first of all the Hannovermesse, a place which the concept of Industry 4.0 was born in 2011, until the 2023 edition.

At this fair edition, Motive, Fermai, Spin and Settima Meccanica exhibited their products together to express the concepts of energy transition, IIoT connectivity, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence.

Result? It hasn't changed over time: The confirmation of what ENEA and Invitalia and the Italian Ministry of Development said more than a year ago (see the article "The EU Green deal has chosen Motive"), and of what we already described in the article “Doctor 4.0 evolves