updates about motive and the market


MOTIVE reliability

Many values could be there in a supplier, but reliability is the highest one and the one that you do not pay for. But you pay when it's not there.

SYSTEM & ORGANIZATION certifications

  • In 2001, we were the first company certified ISO9001:2000 in our field.
  • In 2008 our internal laboratory had been certified ISO/IEC17025 by IMQ.
  • In 2015 we have been admitted to RINA alternative testing scheme (a kind of certification of our laboratory and its staff) (click here to know more)
  • In 2021 our Q.S has also been certified according to the most restrictive standard ISO/IEC 80079-34 "Explosive atmospheres - Part 34: Application of quality systems for Ex product manufacture" (click here to know more).
  • In 2021 we became an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) (click here to know more)


As a manufacturer of motors, gearboxes and drives, all made inside the same factory, we guarantee product continuity and full knowledge and support. Well, this is something that also a mere trader is used to say, so what's the difference? Let us answer like this: If a manufacturer, for example of pumps, is declaring certain performance data in its catalogue for its pumps, how could he do it if his supplier was a hopper from a motor manufacturer to another and it didn't have the design and manufacturing control on his suppliers?


Here, no other motor manufacturer is declaring so much data in the catalogue (look at the temp rise data for example). No other manufacturer is supporting and proving such data by giving all type test reports with no secret


As a manufacturer that anyway holds a huge stock of components ready to be assembled, when improving any product we must preserve the old components interchangeability with the new series. Nowadays, if a distributor wanted to install or replace a component or an accessory (flange, feet, spare parts, etc) on a product made by motive 20 years ago, it still could

TESTS like no one

All Motive products, motors, gearboxes and drives, are tested one by one. Motors final tests list is longer than the one of any other manufacturer. Final tests are printed and attached to each product, serial number by serial number, saved, and it can also be downloaded from motive web-site


Configurators and website tools, barcodes, monitors, internally designed production machines, IT system in any process, data collection, internal and external data availability, processes awareness, informatic error barriers, processes digitalization, interconnection of machines… they are all designed to avoid all human errors, from the client order making and confirmation, to the dispatch and the post-sale support


By the serial number of each product at motive, motors, gearboxes and VSDs, you can trace the product code, its customizations and special features, the client, the suppliers and batch numbers of all critical components, the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials used for the components, the name of who assembled, who tested, the final test report, who packed it, who put them in stock, who prepared the pallet, who put the pallet on the client truck, the photos of the products, the video recordings of the truck load, the plate of the truck and the driving licence of the driver, and also whether they passed through our post-sale service and what happened. Each serial number has its own story, and this makes anyone more responsible and helps further improvements.