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SCHEDAPT motor thermal probes PTC+PT100 control card / interface

SCHEDAPT is capable of reading PTC thermistors or up to 3 PT100 probes, both for winding and for bearings


It allows to constantly monitor the motor temperature by reading the PT100 and/or PTC temperature probes inside the motor and to provide an output contact N.C. (normally closed by default)

which, connected in series to the power supply of the external line contactor, will stop the power supply of the motor at an alarm temperature (130°C default setting by motive for PT100, editable, and PTC according to its own data)

The casing, simple and compact, allows this device to be mounted on a DIN rail.

Supply voltage: 5 ÷ 30Vdc max 100mA.

Click here to see more: https://www.motive.it/upload/documenti/manuali/SCHEDAPT_eng.pdf